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  • Clear
    1,350.00 1,080.00
    This powerful serum is a skincare essential for those who just can’t keep their oil at bay. It serves as a wonderful primer. We’ve all suffered from an oily T-zone, which results in pimples that we don’t really want or need. This helps CLEAR helps you balance out your skins natural oil production, so you can look fresh, healthy and beautiful!   ✔ Prevents and fights acne ✔Fades acne scars ✔Moisturises (balances the skin’s natural oils) ✔Hydrates the skin ✔Primer before makeup ✔Helps promote natural glow
  • Coffee under-eye serum
    1,750.00 1,400.00
    Coffee is a powerful under eye serum used to target and combat dark circles and fine lines under the eye. Infused with real gold, it's made for those workaholic moms and students who don’t sleep all night studying. Coffee is made from a blend of essential oils and premium Arabic coffee beans. It’s roasted smell calms and soothes the senses. One bottle takes 15 days to make! Waiting for the sweet almond oil to be infused with the coffee beans takes 10 days; we want to make sure that it’s full of antioxidants beneficial for your skin.   ✔Fights under-eye puffiness ✔Reduces stubborn dark circles ✔Hydrates & Moisturises ✔Helps fight signs of ageing ✔Fights lines and wrinkles under the eye
  • Golden Hour Glow Tonic
    1,550.00 1,240.00
    This powerful glow tonic helps reduce pore size by using witch hazel, which is a natural astringent. It has soothing and moisturizing properties that help soften the natural complexion. This multi-purpose toner helps prevent excess oil and also rebalances the skins PH levels. Golden hour glow tonic is the perfect companion for plump and supple skin. It is light on the skin ensuring that you get the maximum benefit without being irritated. It can be used both in the AM and PM routines. This toner is excellent for pores, uneven texture and a dull skin tone! The Chamomile and Aloe present inside make it extra hydrating and suitable to all skin types. ✔Tightens and reduces pore size ✔Replenishes and balances skins natural moisture level ✔Removes dead skin cells ✔Adds natural glow ✔Anti bacterial
  • Lets get rollin’
    2,200.00 1,760.00
    Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your skincare products by OVER 90%? This 0.3 mm derma roller is the perfect solution (also it is the SAFEST size for home use). The Get Rollin’ Derma Roller contains 540 titanium micro-needles which are high quality. Our derma roller is perfect for: 1. Tighter, plumper, blemish free appearance of the skin 2. Extremely sensitive skin (0.3 mm size can easily be used every other day) 3. Increasing product absorption (serums and other moisturizers) 4. Thickening the epidermis (top layer of the skin) 5. Using near the eye area and neck (needle sizes above 0.3 mm should NOT be used in these regions) (*Note: Product comes in safe protective plastic packaging for storage) HOW TO USE: Gently roll the Micro-Roller over skin vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Repeat each motion/direction 2-3 times over your cheeks, chin/lip, forehead, and neck. We recommend derma rolling before bed to let your skin rest while you sleep. HOW TO CLEAN YOUR DERMA ROLLER: 1. Cleanse derma roller before each use by dipping in rubbing alcohol and then letting it air dry OR 2. Disinfect your roller after each use by submerging the roller head in a cup of boiled water
  • Quench
    1,350.00 1,080.00
    Quench is your one-way ticket to a glowing, brightened and healthy complexion! Moisturise, hydrate and prime your skin with Quench. This powerful serum helps combat dry skin and dehydration. It’s a blend of essential oils, which not only restore radiance but add increased glow too!   ✔Primes face before makeup ✔Brightens up the skins natural complexion ✔Evens out the skin tone ✔Hydrates the skin ✔Makes skin glow naturally
  • Regrowth Hair Oil
    1,250.00 1,000.00
    The regrowth hair oil consists of a powerful blend of 10 hair oils, which makes your hair thicker, longer and frizz free! There’s Argan for fighting frizz, coconut for smoothness, almond to add a lustrous shine and Vitamin-E to make it healthier. It also consists of powerful oils such as Jojoba, Olive and Castor!   ✔Promotes hair growth ✔Repairs brittle hair and split ends ✔Protects against damage from UV rays ✔Combat damaged/dandruff prone hair ✔Easy to wash off Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Grape-seed Oil, Lavender & Peppermint
  • Rewind
    1,350.00 1,080.00
    This powerful serum helps you fight the signs of early aging while moisturizing and priming your skin, it’s a myth that you only need to use anti-aging products in your 30’s! The truth is your skin starts losing elasticity after the age of 25. So it’s important you start taking care of your skin before the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! REWIND also helps combat sun damage.   ✔Primer before makeup ✔Brightens the skins natural complexion ✔Hydrates & Moisturizes ✔Helps fight signs of aging ✔Fights hyper-pigmentation ✔Extremely lightweight and high absorbing  
  • Rose Quartz Roller
    2,150.00 1,720.00
    The rose quartz roller is a necessary skincare tool for the application of moisturiser and facial massaging. Made from original rose quartz stones it helps improve the texture of the skin while inducing glow.   ✔Tightens and reduce pore size ✔Reduces puffiness and wrinkles ✔Promotes lymphatic drainage ✔Improves skin tone and blood circulation ✔Improves elasticity of the skin

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