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(25 customer reviews)


Quench is your one-way ticket to a glowing, brightened and healthy complexion! Moisturise, hydrate and prime your skin with Quench. This powerful serum helps combat dry skin and dehydration. It’s a blend of essential oils, which not only restore radiance but add increased glow too!


✔Primes face before makeup
✔Brightens up the skins natural complexion
✔Evens out the skin tone
✔Hydrates the skin
✔Makes skin glow naturally

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25 reviews for Quench

    Rafia Ghazal

    Best for dehydrated and dull skin highly recommend


    it’s just lauvvv mashAllh……the results are just at the end of second week of use . Highly recommended for dull and dry skin…it work so great for dry patchesand yes just ordering for second time


    I like it..
    So I want to use


    I like it so I want to use


    I like it so I want to use ..

    Sonia Ahmed

    Loved it so much,the best serum anyone can ask for!

    Samimah syed

    It’s the product I can’t live without. Best facial serum that I’ve tried ❤️


    Best serum for dry and dull skin.

    Mahrukh Iftikhar

    Really liked it…
    Hope to have in my daily routine in future also..
    Results are awesome.


    Its a must have for skin care..really good

    Sarah Dean

    is it good for open pores too?


    really like the product just finished one and repurchasing it.
    this was my first ever face oil/serum I used on my face and I loved the results.
    I have extremely dry and sensitive skin along with eczema which makes it so itchy and painful, before trying this product I was worried that it might make my eczema worst but thankfully it didn’t.
    I get dry patches on face it has helped a lot with that.

    Mehvish Batool

    Best serum results are totally amazing
    Highly recommended….

    Wajeeha Obaid

    Best product for dry skin. Applied it only for 2 times till now but i already feel the dryness gone. ♥️


    This is the third Time I’m going to order this product, believe me this is the bessttt.. I had very sensitive and acne prone skin, and I was tired of isotretinion, antibiotic an other expensive treatments. But now I’m Allahhamdulilah very satisfied costomer of organic travellers. Highly recommended

    Sandra Riaz

    I started using the quench serum about 4 weeks ago.I have a combination skin and my skin is not acne prone so I needed something which can make my face skin glow and spotless. I wouldn’t say quench has magically made all the spots and problems with my face skin disappeared but it had definitely improved the texture of my skin. My skin is more hydrated now, I’ve head episodes of super dry skin on face. Whereas sometimes, it is super oily in t-zone. Using this serum helps my skin keep the oils balances. The texture of my skin has noticeably improved because although my skin isn’t acne prone, I used to have small bumps on my skin which used to look bad after I used to apply make up. But now, even with make up, my skin looks glowy, very hydrated and I love how sometimes when I wake up in the morning, and find my skin not dull anymore.

    Oh and I do have skin condition: an occasional eczema but this serum doesn’t seem to react badly with my skin.

    I initially applied it in morning and night but after a week, I switched to applying it only in nights.


    It’s really amazing


    It’s really amazing for skin care

    Sahar Khan

    I use it after every face wash, I literally use serums as moisturizers for my skin


    Is this for application before makeup or we can use it otherwise too? Like just for skin health and ease double tone skin without any makeup afterwards ?


    Amazing product. Works so well
    Hydrates the skin
    Works as a primer
    Loving it
    Totally recommended

    Mehak khan

    Quench serum only


    Is it good for freckles?


    in love with this serum! i get these huge dry patches under my lips and around my eyes and so far nothing had worked for me in the past but just a few days of regularly applying this serum on my face and my dry patches are almost gone. would highly recommend this product and cant wait to get my hands on another bottle!


    Please tell me is it good for freckles ?? My skin is sometime dry and sometimes very oily. Please suggest me something. I have freckles too.
    Need help

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