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Coffee under-eye serum

(7 customer reviews)


Coffee is a powerful under eye serum used to target and combat dark circles and fine lines under the eye. Infused with real gold, it’s made for those workaholic moms and students who don’t sleep all night studying. Coffee is made from a blend of essential oils and premium Arabic coffee beans. It’s roasted smell calms and soothes the senses. One bottle takes 15 days to make! Waiting for the sweet almond oil to be infused with the coffee beans takes 10 days; we want to make sure that it’s full of antioxidants beneficial for your skin.


✔Fights under-eye puffiness
✔Reduces stubborn dark circles
✔Hydrates & Moisturises
✔Helps fight signs of ageing
✔Fights lines and wrinkles under the eye

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7 reviews for Coffee under-eye serum

    Minahil Younas


    Minahil Younas

    Much Satisfied


    I want to purchase this product. Because i need this


    good i am Still trying


    Best product for brightening up the skin around eyes I’ve used so far..
    Because I noticed it’s brightening and smoothening quality, I thought I’d give it a try over the slight pigmentation I have around the lips and mouth area… & It cleared up that too…! And helped brightening the pinkness of my natural lip colour…
    (I’ll also mention that I use rewind serum and glow tonic too.. way before i started using the coffee serum)

    Huma bilal

    How many days u required for home delivery


    Good product n excellent result… Mere bohat dard circles thy i used it visible result mila mujhe , aur 2 months result achieve..

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