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(59 customer reviews)


This powerful serum is a skincare essential for those who just can’t keep their oil at bay. It serves as a wonderful primer. We’ve all suffered from an oily T-zone, which results in pimples that we don’t really want or need. This helps CLEAR helps you balance out your skins natural oil production, so you can look fresh, healthy and beautiful!


✔ Prevents and fights acne
✔Fades acne scars
✔Moisturises (balances the skin’s natural oils)
✔Hydrates the skin
✔Primer before makeup
✔Helps promote natural glow

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59 reviews for Clear

    Asjad Ali

    I have no words


    When no product worked on my acne it saved me within a week!

    Amna Islam

    Best thing ever

    Mahnoor arshad

    This is my holy grail , in love with this,❤️

    Aahana gehra

    I love this serum

    Aahana gehra

    Best serum

    Muskan Zahra (@lifeofmzahra)

    This serum/oil saved my life! I wish i could upload my before and after photo here! Nothing worked on my acne (neem, multani miti etc etc) this worked within a week! Using my second bottle now and ordered 3rd now

    Zainab fatima

    Best serum for acne❤️Must try it

    Zainab Khan


    RISHI Qureshi

    Best ance serum

    RISHI Qureshi

    Best serum for ance✨

    Shazma Khan

    Awesome serum Ever

    Mahnoor Rashid

    I have used the clear serum and it worked really good for me
    I’m buying for the second time ❤️


    I have used the clear serum it’s the best

    Abiha Ali

    Best serum!!!!!

    Amraha Mujahid

    Best serum for acne

    Mirza Faisal baig

    I try first time this one

    Aniqa Afzal

    It’s been 3 days since I’m using this product and I can already see amazing results!


    Without the shadow of doubt this product is amazing and gave me flawless skin. No more acne no more dark spots. Highly recommended

    muneeb Mughal

    I used the first time.


    My acne almost gone I m in love with this serum

    Arjumand Mahmood

    This serum has high quality ingredients, so light and absorbs so easily, I love using it, keeps my oily skin at bay.

    Zubair Ahmad

    I want this product


    very nice


    Is it safe to use during early pregnanacy?


    When no other product worked for me, clear made my life easy!

    Adil alam



    I want to order

    Noor fatima

    Really love this product

    nayab sheikh

    i used clear serum this is perfect for makeup to stay for long time


    I wonder how these essential oils does any good to acne prone skin ?


    I wonder how these essential oils are gonna do any good to acne prone skin ?

    Muskan Bhatti

    It is a miracle serum! I have used bottles of it uptill now and still using it! Works 100% for acne and acne scars!

    Syeda Saba Mahboob



    Best product for acne it’s my 4th bottle…

    Ume habiba

    Clear serum saved my life when nothing was working on my skin.. My skin was super dehydrated before using it.. It has done nothing to my acne but it has faded my acne scares.. My skin is glowing and feels so soft and hydrated..

    Rabail Gul

    I want to order . But I have sensitive skin can I use this serum for Pigmentation and acne scar?

    Humna Ranjha

    I used clear serum.. it’s magical ♥️Highly recommended

    Mrs. Faisal

    It worked magically. Finally my skin found relief. It works on acne or not but nourish the skin. I feel glow. My dehydrated skin is soft n moist now n faded the acne scars.

    Dr Manzoor Ali Kandhro

    I love this serum

    Fatima Aslam

    @Zartasha hey, i just wanted to drop an advice. as these products dont reveal ingredient list so its not possible to jump to any conclusion. i never have used it.


    Best ever product.
    Instead of clear we can also call it Magical serum
    Highly recommended all of the products of organic traveller.

    Warda Shahid

    It’s miracle i just love it…

    Shahryar Khurshid

    Best oil serum ever
    Thank you organic traveler

    Saad nazir



    Best serum ever. I loved it

    Anum Khan

    It is amazing! It really works and my acne is sooo controlled now! I’m so happy

    Maria arif

    Its really good. I am ordering it for 4rth time.

    Laiba Umar

    My holy grail serum. I started using this product this year in January while i was suffering from severe acne. One thing i knew about skin care was you have to stay patient and consistent with product to see effective results. This product started showing results after 3-4 weeks and has controlled my acne now. Also reduces dark spots and improved two tone skin.

    Farwa Butt

    This serum is magic. It reduced my acne about 80% i am repurchasing it so i will get rid of acne. But this is so good.


    worked wonders


    I dont know seriously what to say about this serum … this is life saving products for those who are fighting with acne … magical results just within few days … i have told so many of my friends to use this and got same results from them too … guyz you are doing great job … keep it up

    Saima Aslam

    Nice serum

    Saima Aslam


    Saima Aslam

    Clear skin

    Maimoona Bhagani

    I have been uaing the organic travller clear serum for past one month and I must say that this is the best product I have used to fight my acne. I have used many product to overcome my acne but never got a good outcome of it, but this product has worked like a magic!!
    I highly recommend to use this product who has acne.
    P.S. Im buying another one!

    Mahnoor Khawaja

    I am loving it

    kiran aziz

    awswm results of quench and clear serum..i have fineshed one bottle now again order clear serum


    Great serum. Worked wonders on my skin.

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